Mi hijo está encantado en Varna

Mi hijo está encantado en Varna

varna universityHola buenos días, soy el padre de E.S.

Por mi parte estoy muy contento porque nos han ayudado mucho en el proceso de selección de la Universidad y él está encantado, además va a curso por año que hacerlo en otro país y con una lengua tan difícil con el Búlgaro ya tiene mérito.

Es cierto que le ha ayudado su año de intercambio en Alemania, ya que una gran cantidad de estudiantes allí son alemanes y él se ha integrado muy bien.

Una vez más les reitero mi agradecimiento y por mi parte, cuando la gente me pregunta como escogí la universidad, les recomiendo entrar en contacto con ustedes que son especialistas y muy buenos en lo suyo.


Konrad Schargel



  • 2 November, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Hello everyone.

    I´d like to address myself to anyone who happens to be browsing this site and wondering, as I was a year ago, if this company is legitimate and above board. I can only say that I am entirely satisfied and consider myself to have been extremely fortunate to have taken them on as our aide in my daughters process of entry to study medicine in Hamburg, Germany.

    COVID19 interrupted everything that would be considered normal about a selection process. There was a huge delay in doing the EVAU and the results had hardly been published when it was time to submit all our paperwork. EME, helped me greatly. The Spanish bureaucracy drove me mad, for its inefficiency and special Covid restrictions. EME were there in the background, ready to answer my questions, and repeat the instructions when I didn’t understand, they found solutions and buoyed me up when I felt frustrated.

    The entry process was exactly as EME stipulated. Nothing hidden. I followed their guidance and now my daughter couldn’t be happier. She secured a place in February to study medicine in Hamburg, and for the rest of the academic year she knew that she had her place, waiting for her. It took away all that panic and stress about the final grade in Bachillerato.

    On a final note, my daughter is doing well, in what seems from the outside to be a well structured syllabus. EME, despite Covid help with all the extra things that students need in their place of study, like residency permits and health and where to live. As a mother I am delighted and can only give my thanks and recommend that you give EME a try.

    • 30 November, 2020 at 9:11 am

      Thank you very much for your comment! We are glad we could help! Team EME

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